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    Significant Advantages of the House of Representatives

    The house of representatives contributes parallel power as a lawmaker with the senate as designed by the Craftster of the constitution. The chamber’s main role was to represent the popular insistence and its representatives or members of the house were directly elected by the vast majority of the people.

    Every city or province or municipality is guaranteed to have one delegate to the house and its allocation is based on the population of that area. Each voted member of the house is selected by its voting citizen and holds in office for about two years in the congress. The constitution mandates that the person who is vying for that position will reach the age of 25 and a citizen of at least 7 years and a resident of the place where he wants to represent.

    The constitution or the written laws has furnished an exclusive power to each member of the house to draft a bill and initiate impeachment against all unscrupulous officials. The whole organization of the house of congress is systemized under the control of political parties and regulates the proceedings to activate the necessary movements. A consolidation of the selected leaders such as the speaker of the house, the majority leaders as well as the minority leader plays an essential role in the operation of the house. In this scenario, there is a discipline in the house and the usual agitation on the bill will systematize and put in order.

    The committee system is another governing body that is set to impose the procedure of the house and its divide members have specialized assignments to regulate their tasks. Most of the chairmanship of the committee is selected by the majority of the ruling party and their responsibility is to act on the bill before presenting it to the floor. There are approximately 20 permanent committees in the house of representatives and each possesses a staff, subcommittee, and budget to implement their job. Their main job to hold hearings on proposed legislation before making it into a resolution and administer an investigation regarding public interest.

    The two main jobs of the house of delegated representatives is to create some laws and to closely monitor the work of the government. In addition, the bills approved by the plenary are scrutinized first by the Senate before going to final approval of the president. Both chambers of parliament and their obligations, duties, and responsibilities are based on the foundation of the constitution.

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